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Vicuña & Luxury Fibres

Stole Vicuña

The vicuña stole was made in hand-looms from the 19th century in our textile mill with artisanal techniques.

It is woven 100% with vicuña fiber.

MEKNA MANTLE - cashmere greyMEKNA MANTLE - cashmere grey
MEKNA MANTLE - cashmere grey Sale price$1,190 USD
MEKNA MANTLE - cashmere camelMEKNA MANTLE - cashmere camel
MEKNA MANTLE - cashmere camel Sale price$1,190 USD
KAI CAPE - camel fiberKAI CAPE - camel fiber
KAI CAPE - camel fiber Sale price$1,500 USD
TELIL PONCHO - camel Sale price$1,600 USD
PAHUIL RUANA - cashmere ivoryPAHUIL RUANA - cashmere ivory
PAHUIL RUANA - cashmere ivory Sale price$1,400 USD
Sold outSTOLE - palo borrachoSTOLE - palo borracho
STOLE - palo borracho Sale price$2,500 USD
Sold outSTOLE - vicuñaSTOLE - vicuña
STOLE - vicuña Sale price$2,500 USD
NAU RUANA - guanacoNAU RUANA - guanaco
NAU RUANA - guanaco Sale price$1,330 USD
NAU PONCHO - guanacoNAU PONCHO - guanaco
NAU PONCHO - guanaco Sale price$1,550 USD