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Mawün means rain in the Mapuche languages and it symbolizes the mythical and unforgettable chords from the bushes of the steppes after the rain falls. It is as if the raindrops from the Andes knew how to unveil the best kept secret of Patagonia: the sweet perfume of the earth beneath the untamed and hostile nature.

This fragrance, inspired by the rough territory of Neuquén, offers wild and herbaceous notes such as neneo (Mulinum spinosum) and Andean thyme (Acantoliphia seriphoides) which in turn fuse with scents from other latitudes such as white grapefruit, violet absolute, oregano and olibanum.

Size: 30 ml.

MAWÜN Sale price$230 USD


Our textile mill is a nineteenth century factory that still holds some of the most antique textile machineries of the world. Its looms and its history belongs to the antique Buenos Aires.