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Sale price$1,290 USD

The poncho Chej was made in hand-looms from the 19th century in our textile mill with artisanal techniques.

It is woven with superfine merino wool from Patagonia as one unique piece. The details of its neckline are delicately finished by hand and its pattern is inspired by the traditional twill design.

This poncho is approximately 110 cm (43 inches) wide / 85 cm (33 inches) long. The extended garment is 170 cm (67 inches) long.


We recommend hand-washing this piece only in cold water and with neutral soap, or dry cleaning. Since they are made of natural fibers, warm water and washing machines can be damaging to this type of luxury product.

CHEJ PONCHO Sale price$1,290 USD


Our textile mill is a nineteenth century factory that still holds some of the most antique textile machineries of the world. Its looms and its history belongs to the antique Buenos Aires.