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VICUÑA ROJA - vicuña

Red Vicuña, a textile created by Ayma following an ancient method used by the Andean people.

Its color has a unique personality and purity. The vicuña is hand-dyed in cochineal ink as it was done hundreds of years ago.

Cochineal is an insect that grows on cactuses in America and was used by the ancient Andean people to dye their textiles. A true timeless jewel.

This throw is approximately: 140 cm (55 inches)  wide / 200 cm (79 inches) long.


We recommend hand-washing this piece only in cold water and with neutral soap, or dry cleaning. Since they are made of natural fibers, warm water and washing machines can be damaging to this type of luxury product.

VICUÑA ROJA - vicuña
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